Business Analysis


As your business grows, so does your need to acquire more sophisticated, forward thinking approaches for making sound decisions. Decisions made without considering historical financial and operational data or future projections can lead to significant financial set-backs and reduced profits.

Our Business Analysis services arm you with the business intelligence necessary to formulate decisions that minimize internal costs and maximize the potential for bottom line growth by helping you identify the right products and services on which to focus. We can assist you in taking your business one step further by helping you understand what your data really means, what the operational outcome will be without adjusting your current processes and operations, and what your current options are for moving forward.


Maximize growth and revenue with more informed decision-making

Mitigate business risks by using real data to drive business decisions

Gain full and accurate insight into the current financial position of your business

Understand actual versus planned business performance

Ensure future plans are positioned to yield profitability objectives

Focus time on executing strategic goals instead of struggling to create them

How does it help?


Outsourcing accounting and payroll functions cost roughly half of what it does when processed in-house.


GLC offers a range of services and instant access to individuals with the talent and skill-sets that can be leveraged at any time to support the changing accounting and bookkeeping needs of growing companies.

Ensure Business Continuity

Most small businesses lack the time and resources to develop business continuity plans. Working with a reliable outsourcing company mitigates the risks associated with losing internal staff, as the function and associated business knowledge are not reliant on a single employee.

Low-margin, high input

Handing over low margin compliance work helps clients focus on the higher-profit, more interesting work such as business advice.

Growth without overheads

Our services allow firms to take on more clients without moving into larger facilities, adding computers and staff, plus firms can avoid hidden costs that come in the form of taxes, holidays, sickness and benefits



Basic Accounting

  • Monthly Data Only

  • Financial Data Only

  • Deals with your finances

  • Describes historical facts or ``what happened``

  • Follows a standard method of work

Business Analysis

  • Weekly or Daily Data

  • Variety of Data including operational, marketing / other critical functions of business

  • Deals with the areas of business that you choose to focus on

  • Describes why things happen and what may happen next

  • Business analysis is unique to your business



KPI Analysis

Monitor the performance of your business and take immediate action against problem areas with weekly/monthly KPI (key Performance Indicator) reports.


Management Reports

Review consolidated reports on a periodic basis that disclose key metrics and financial data so that you can make timely, informed decisions with immediate impact on your operations.


Trend Analysis

Gain insight on the future trajectory of your business through trends defined by historical data.


Variance Analysis

Understand how spending data compares to budget data with ‘under achieved’ versus ‘over achieved’ reporting.


Predictive Analysis

Benefit from more informed future planning with monthly projection budgets for income, expenses, weekly cash flow, and cash flow for the upcoming year.


“What If” Scenarios

Evaluate changes to your business before they occur with different scenarios to show varying, prospective financial/operational conditions.